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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Update: Background Check

OK,, I have an update.

And after giving this some thought,(and some prayer),
I am going to do something I did not want to do. I am going to report this.
I am not fond of most of the Government Agencies, But that is what I am left with.

After I posted the background check, And after some more E-mail , I got a surprise.
They found the Original Background Check. Ok,, Late , But it is nice to have.
And it's interesting.
I have also done some reading while all this has been going on. There are a few things that that bother me about this.I have been honest in my dealings with every one involved with this. Even remaining polite, when being put off on this for months. This has been annoying.

And this is for an unskilled labor, low wage job. That makes it twice as annoying,


I guess I'll go to the official source on this. I did quite a bit of reading, and some discussing this online. But this is pretty plain.


There are legal consequences for employers who fail to get an applicant’s permission before requesting a consumer report or who fail to provide pre-adverse action disclosures and adverse action notices to unsuccessful job applicants. The FCRA allows individuals to sue employers for damages in federal court. A person who successfully sues is entitled to recover court costs and reasonable legal fees. The law also allows individuals to seek punitive damages for deliberate violations. In addition, the Federal Trade Commission, other federal agencies, and the states may sue employers for noncompliance and obtain civil penalties.

Now it seems to me that there was some Kind of laws broken here,
And it wasn't me.
I suppose I could "get a lawyer and sue".
What good would that do me, even if I could afford one, ,I have never seen a lawyer do me any good.It would be just throwing money away.Even when I had a little money , I didn't like doing that.
So I'm stuck
The only thing I can DO about it is to say "I do not like this."

I am going to post the Copy that they sent me , The one I should have been able to see before an adverse decision was made.The one that should have been in my hand (at least) when I picked up my one day paycheck. I did ask for it, Over and over again. For over 4 months now.

It was suddenly found.
after I sent this E-mail to Craig,
Hello Sir

Sorry for the bother, But I have still not gotten the Background Check that was done in March.
I remember signing an authorization for that Background Check.

I would also like to know who authorized the second Background Check. I did not. That is not the one that I requested, and is NOT the one done in March.
I have posted it on my Blog.
You can see for yourself that this report was requested on 7/21/09. It is also woefully inaccurate, and contains less information than I had included on my Employment Application.

So my Question is, Will I ever get the original report that was done back in March?

Waiting a reply.
Peter Osmar

This was prepared by the same company, They both have incorrect information. And Missing information, Information That I had disclosed on my application and that was known to the people that I would be working with. They know me.
I have never been anything but honest with all these folks. I don't know what else to do.
I am just going to report it. I hate to do that.

I am still trying to compose A response to this,I Have the "report claim" email and the links.
The Federal Trade commission, and The Attorney General office. I have no idea if any good will come of it.

I will drop them a line. I will be polite.
But I am annoyed.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Employment Woes

I have been looking for a job for some time. Anything, just some kind of full time employment.
I have filled out a hundred applications, was willing to take any position. I have been passed over on every one. I have applications on file with places that I am well qualified for and that have had a turnover it employees. Not a call.
I had thought I found one earlier this year. It was a maintenance position at a local Cemetery. I had worked there 2 years as part time help, and was hoping for a full time position. The supervisor wanted to get me hired. The ladies in the Office liked me. It looked like I would get a job.

Put in the App, Took the Pee Test and passed. Worked my first day, then was informed that the Background Check came back and I could not be hired. This job was at Oaklawn Chapel Gardens, Just down the road from where my Father and Brother are buried.
It is owned and managed by the Midwest Memorial Group
I contacted them to try to find out why I was refused employment.
I have been trying to get the the Background Check information for 4 months. I have been getting a runaround.

This was the first E-mail I sent.

From: peter osmar [mailto:pcosmar@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 08, 2009 2:09 PM
To: cnelke@midwestmemorialgroup.com
Subject: Employment Introduction

Hello Sir

My name is Peter Osmar and I had recently applied for a position at Oaklawn Chapel Gardens.
It seems that I have been rejected for employment due to a Background Check. I am writing in response to that in the hope that it may be reconsidered.
I have worked at Oaklawn before on a temporary basis the last two years. I have been looking for permanent full time employment, and I believe that I would be a asset to the company.

I was "up front" and honest with my application and with the supervisor there.
I do have a criminal history from long ago, but have been working to put that in the past. I had passed background checks before, in Key West Fl, I had a Port Pass to work around the Cruise ships and was cleared through the FBI and DHS.

Though I am not known to your Corporate Office I am known to those I would be working with. I was raised about a mile down the road. And as I stated I have worked at Oaklawn briefly in the last two years, though that was prior to your ownership.

I would ask that my request for employment be reconsidered, as i think we would both benifit.
I would also request the Background Report, as I it may contain errors or misinformation. I can not understand why I would be turned down otherwise.

I would also be willing to provide any further information you may need.

Thank you for your time.
Peter Osmar
I have been exchanging E-mails, for 4 months. And been promised the information. I have all the E-mails, but not the report. This was another response.
FW: Oaklawn Employment‏
From: Craig Nelke (cnelke@midwestmemorialgroup.com)
Sent: Wed 4/22/09 6:14 PM
To: 'peter osmar' (pcosmar@hotmail.com)

Hi Peter,

I will check and see why your employment was denied. If it was because of the background check, then we will mail that report to you as required by law.



From: peter osmar [mailto:pcosmar@hotmail.com]
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2009 9:14 AM
To: cnelke@midwestmemorialgroup.com
Subject: Oaklawn Employment

Hello Sir

I am guessing that there is no good news on the job. I had been hoping to hear something positive from you or the folks here.
It is disappointing. I had no doubt that I could have "fit in" well there.
I would like to get a copy of the Background Report. I need to know what is being said about me behind my back so that I can address or correct it.

If you can mail it to me, my address is
6341 W M28
Brimley Mich 49715

I can also pick it up from Oaklawn if that is better for you.
You can also reach me by Phone at (***)*** ****
As far as I know, I will still be available for temporary work like I have the last 2 years, If needed.

Thank you
Peter Osmar

Now, I have passed a check in the past. I had an FBI Background check done when I was in Key West, To work in the secured Port Area.

I had been referred to someone in their H.R. dept. Freda Crawley called me and said that they would get the report to me. After 4 months of trying, I was very interested in what it contained.
I got "it" today.
It is NOT the Background Check that was done 4 Months ago.
This was a quick check that anyone with a computer and 5 minutes can get. And the only information is on the attempted possession charge.

This is the copy of the report. You can see that the request date is 7/21/09.

I am not pleased. And I still have no answer, and no job.