Bump and grind

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Bad Joke

Someone thinks this is funny. I just got woke up at 4:30am, again. The Sheriff's Office called to say that the monitor had lost me for a time. They have done this several times. I am sleeping in the same spot I have been in for hours,and suddenly I disappear, and magically appear when they call. BULLSHIT! This is someone's idea of a joke. "lets poke the animals with a stick". If they had "lost" me why is there no police car in my driveway? If I am not here, why call me? Just to wake my wife and me up to mess with me. I am complying with their rules, which are restrictive enough, Why harass me? Why harass my wife? She has done nothing to be punished for. This Sucks. This has happened 4 or 5 times now, I have told them each time that it their box, and not me. I will make a formal complaint tomorrow.
Small, shallow people. Small shallow minds. Bad joke.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beyond Annoying

This is really disgusting. I have a leak in my water line and I can NOT fix it. I was working on it, and was told to stop by the Tether Officer. I had been digging out the well and trying to find the lines and the leak. I had to shut off the power to the pump or the hole fills with water. The ground I am digging in is clay, and it was a lot of work getting as far as I had. Wet clay is not easy to dig by hand.
In the middle of the job I got a call from Deputy Jerald P. Cook. He "reminded me" that I was on Tether, and I was NOT to shut off the power. The pump is wired into the house main (the Tether has battery back-up),so I can not shut off the pump. I can't fix the leak until I have the freedom to work on my own property. This SUCKS.
I filled in the hole, and will live with the water leak till spring. This is beyond annoying.

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Things have not gone well.

The year started off with a lot of promise. A new home, money in the bank, and a lot of possible options. I had hoped that the whole family would see the many possibilities, and jump in to make the farm work. Well, no such luck. After spending several thousand dollars, and considerable time and effort, new bedroom furniture, internet,phone, and satellite TV in each room. Warm clothes and boots, and all necessities. NO HELP. Oh yeah, Donald did shovel some snow once, and Lisa kicked in a few bucks for gas, when she was working.
Donald left when we got on him about drinking a case a day. We paid his way back to Key West. He was going to make a lot of money and then come back. So far we have shipped stuff to him, and paid several hundred in cell phone charges. He parties away every penny he gets.
Lisa decides to move into the trailer( I was going to use it as a guest house) and has to have it fixed up. NOW! She has to get moved in and claim it as her own before Donald moves back. So I start working on it. The furnace has to be replaced, new water heater, plumbing and electrical repairs. A couple thousand dollars, and some labor. We can make it livable. Except I am not getting it done fast enough.
OK, this is where it gets good. Carol is upset that I am spending to much time on the trailer. Lisa is insisting that I get it all done right now. An argument ensues. Lisa is drunk,(quart of rum+medications) Carol is pissed, Lisa is hysterical,and goes off on me. I walk into my field and get drunk(the first whiskey I drank in 15 years).Lisa calls the police after I told her she could get out. I am getting very drunk, in my own field, on my own land. Very disgusted and by myself.
I am arrested. I am taken to jail. I am charged with Domestic Violence (didn't happen, I was assaulted) and possession of a firearm by a felon.( my wife's shotgun).I have a past history,many years ago, I thought I was past it.
It has taken the last of the savings to fight this,and I just pled guilty to attempted possession of a Firearm. The best I could do. I am sentenced to six months, But am doing it on a tether.(Electronic Monitor) at home. House arrest. Carol has gotten a job at Walmart, but I have not found anything yet.
I am trying to remain optimistic, and see what happens next, but this has not been a good year.