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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Beyond Annoying

This is really disgusting. I have a leak in my water line and I can NOT fix it. I was working on it, and was told to stop by the Tether Officer. I had been digging out the well and trying to find the lines and the leak. I had to shut off the power to the pump or the hole fills with water. The ground I am digging in is clay, and it was a lot of work getting as far as I had. Wet clay is not easy to dig by hand.
In the middle of the job I got a call from Deputy Jerald P. Cook. He "reminded me" that I was on Tether, and I was NOT to shut off the power. The pump is wired into the house main (the Tether has battery back-up),so I can not shut off the pump. I can't fix the leak until I have the freedom to work on my own property. This SUCKS.
I filled in the hole, and will live with the water leak till spring. This is beyond annoying.


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