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Saturday, September 26, 2009

RIP; Jessie-Cat

We lost our oldest cat. Jessie was with us for over 16 years. She was born under our bed in the Keys, had one litter of her our, and has been "mother" to all the cats in the house ever since.
We knew her time was getting short. Her hind legs were a bit wobbly and her age was showing. She wasn't sick or in any distress. She had spent the last few days on my lap. She wanted out to sit in the sun, warming her bones on the back porch. She took a walk, and didn't come in for supper. I went out looking for her and found her laying still. She just went to sleep.
She is buried in the family pet plot.
She will be missed.


  • Hi! I was just checking out your blog after some reading on RPF.

    She looks like she was a nice cat. I love cats, we have ten of them here. Almost all strays/ rescues/ hard luck cases.

    By Blogger chudrockz, at 7:45 PM  

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