Bump and grind

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Update, We have flowers

We have some flowers coming up. The gardens have been neglected for some time, but with a little cleaning,tilling and weeding, they will be nice.

Spring cleaning

So much to do,where to start. I have looked around to place and there is a lot to do. I picked the pond as a place to start. No reason, I just had to start somewhere. In seem that there has been a lack of care for some time. everything is overgrown. I'm going to put the old boat somewhere around the pond. Where ?

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Spring is here

I have been out around the yard, The snow is going away and I can see the ground. In spots. The weater is nice and this should melt off soon. Thats when we get busy. Lets see what kind of farm we have here. I will post pics in progress. We wil do before and after. I can see things that need cleaning up.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Winter Weather

We had very nice spring weather, snow was melting, spots of yard were showing through. The last few day have been snowing and blowing. It looks like winter again, but I have hope. It can't last. I've spent the time building a web page. My ISP hosts a homepage, so I've been putting one together. It keeps me busy, and bends my brain around some new stuff. Check out my my new page here. http://jamadots.com/~pcosmar/ and as soon as it thaws, we'll see what we have growing around here.