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Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Little Wood

I hadn't posted in a while. Not much news.

I was just cutting some wood and snapped a few pictures.
Yes, that is an 18 inch blade, but not an 18 inch tree. I cut wood every day an put it in to dry. I don't have enough space in the basement to store much,
I have a system, some drying, some ready. It is a constant cycle.
And of course there are the critters. Supervising the big puppy (she will be a year old) and all the others.
Just for those that think all I do is play WoW. I enjoy the game, and got a time card for Christmas. But it is not ALL I do.

Days run together, same routine every day. Cut wood and keep the fire going. I drive Carol to work on days when the roads aren't clear. She doesn't care for winter driving.
We have had a mild winter so far. Cold, but the snow has missed us. They have been getting more north and south of us. We have been lucky.
Waiting for spring.


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