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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Electric Upgrades

It has been busy here. We are upgrading the electric service. It was old and every time we had high winds the power would fluctuate, from brown outs to power spikes.
When we first got here one of the first things I noticed was the fuse box. The old type fuses had to go. The overhead wires had to go, they were too low. On top of that, it was only a 60 amp service. An upgrade was in order.
My Mom wanted to help out, and we got a friend of the family to do the contracting. He was a friend of my Dads and helped him get his licence many years ago. He was the County Inspector at the time.
We ran the new lines underground to the house and to the barn. I ran the ditch witch, and of course it rained. I only had one spot that caved in and had to be dug by hand. We had fun with the wet clay, but got the wire and conduit in the ground. The new boxes are all hooked up and we have power.
The main power is on a temporary hook up till every thing gets inspected and the CO-OP sets the new meter.


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