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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

In a nutshell

I would be that nut. A little history. I am a bodyman and painter by trade,hence the name Bump and Grind, I straighten bent and scrached metal .Ihave in the past worked in body shops,but now work for a tour company doing fleet maintenance.The pay is a little less,but the stress level is also less.Body repair shops tend to be more production oriented and quality suffers. I like to do a good job.I like the company I work for,A bunch of nice people,and they seem to like me.Low stress. My hobby on the side ,I fix old cars ,the ones body shops don't want to touch. They are labor intensive,and low profit margin.I think they should be preserved. People who love thier old cars seek me out,I always have lots to do. I am married,nine years, to a nice lady that I kidnapped form Oregon.She seems to like me,and that is rare.I have scared girls out of bars by smiling at them.I don't understand why,but who understands women. I'm not that scary. We have a small zoo,four dogs,ten or twelve cats and a bird. I hope to put some pictures up as soon as I get that all figured out. I am still new to all this stuff.


  • I like you (or rather used to) restore old cars. Back when I had the money and my back and knees were not worn out.

    My pride and joy was a 1928 Chrysler "Model 52" 4 cyl,4 door sedan. It took me (with the help of my father in law at the time, 4 years. That of course was working on it just on weekends and some after work.

    I learned by helping him restore Model A and Model T Fords. His wife and my wife (at the time) did all the interior.

    Enjoy your hobby and I am glad you have a job that is low stress. I know about job stress, I had to put up with it for almost thirty years.

    Keep posting, I 'll drop by once in a while.

    This is my post

    Papa Ray
    West Texas

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