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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

First Post

In the beginning; This being my first posting,my first Blog,I should explain or explore the reason for writing in the first place. I have been reading the Bloggs of others,surfing,linking, reading some more,and expanding my horizons in the process.Much of this started in the lead up to the elections this year.I went in search of information,opinion,and knowledge.I found blogs to be not only informitive,but also entertaining.In my travels,I came across the Blog of a young woman,a girl from Iraq.She was most impressive in her inteligence and simple eliquence,despite her circumstanses and that of her country. To post a comment,And say hello,I had to register,and so I have a page.I haveto give her the credit (or blame) for my being here.Visit her, it's worth the trip.Star of Mosul at http://astarfrommosul.blogspot.com/ Though this started with political search,I don't plan for this to be a political page,but more a life intrest page.The who,what, when, where, of my life and times.I don' know if it will be very interesting or entertaining,but we shall see.


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