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Sunday, February 08, 2009

New Year, New Post

My Mom had noticed that I have not had any new posts. Well is seems that I have at least one reader. So on with the show.
I have neglected posting for some time, and there are some reasons.
First, "if you have nothing good to say", , well I didn't. The last year did not go well on a couple fronts.
First the weather last spring was uncooperative, a late wet spring.The garden was nothing to write about. Lots of bugs that ate most of my starts, and even the apple trees had nothing on them. so there wasn't much to say. We did harvest some, but it was not spectacular.

I was also involved in the political races. Both on the local and national level. I had never gotten that involved before nor watched it unfold as closely. I have to say I am totally disgusted with the politics of this country. This was the first time in my life that there was a candidate that I could get behind. Not only was an Honest Man largely ignored and ridiculed, but the election went to someone that had NO qualifications other than his skin color. I fear for the direction that this country is going.

So, on top of all that, I am still unemployed, and staying busy with things around the Farm. trying to keep stuff running with a limited budget, heating the house with wood and trying to remain positive.

The one bright spot( if you can call it that) is that I found a fun game.
I only started to help Lisa figure it out and didn't think I would care much for it. To my surprise I find it rather entertaining. I have been playing World Of Warcraft for a few months (between cutting wood and feeding critters). I have 3 characters that I play. A Human Paladin(sort of a holy warrior), A Night Elf warrior(Sword shield and heart) and my newest a Human Mage( a magic user). I am following Quests through a fantasy world and fighting Evil in many forms.
Sort of an ongoing story.
Well, gotta have some fun.


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