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Saturday, November 26, 2005

I'm Back,finely

We lost phone and internet service in the storm, and just got it back today. There was a strange double storm surge. The first one was during the night and was about what we usually get. Normal (for a hurricane). The second came in just after daybreak, as the storm was pulling away. The ocean came over Big Coppitt Key. It got everybody. 12,000 cars in the Lower Keys were totaled. We lost 2 and a motorcycle(67 Triumph). I was very fortunate, my house was not damaged,we just lost "stuff". I had made a decision to sell my place and move to Michigan before the storm. We had signed the papers just before Wilma came. Any doubts I may have had, were washed away by the ocean in my yard. The Mercedes didn't make it, Salt water destroys electrical systems, and accelerates rust. Very sad.


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