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Sunday, June 05, 2005

New toy

Well I got my new camera.My wife went out and got me a HP M407.Seems to be a nice little camera.It was not listed on the "digikam" list of supported cameras,but it was detected and loaded just fine. Then I tried to load the included software on my Win C partition,it took 2hours.windows kept shuting down,reboot-start over,reboot-start over,reboot-start over...10 minutes in Linux, 2 hours in Win xp. I hate Windows. For my next trick, I will learn to set up a server so I can post pictures again.I'm on my way,lots to learn.


  • google for "kpf rpm" and find the mandrake one. It sets up a small http server with absolutely no muss or fuss. It is pretty simple but it is a good down-and-dirty file server. I have three instances of it running now (three separate ports opened)

    email me at helios@lobby4linux.com and I will give you my ip server addy. You can see how it works there.


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